Defective LCD LG GW620 Oops! That LG GW620 Eve screen is damaged badly. But it is not too difficult to replace if you are patient and precise. Just order a new one on (for example) Ebay and follow the steps on this page.

You don't need special tools except for a tiny philips screwdriver.

Remove battery First of all, turn off the device, remove the battery, SIM-card and memory card.

Then unscrew all the little philips-screws you can find.

Open housing Now carefully open the housing. If you are too rough, the device can damage beyond repair. At some points the housing parts are still joined together with clickfingers. You can use a flat screwdriver too loosen them.
Slide half open The housing parts of the LCD are joined together with 4 screws. Two are easy to access. The others can be accessed by sliding open the phone a little bit.
LCD is visible Now the damaged LCD is visible. The new one is ready to take it's place.
Open connector Find the connector that connects the LCD to the PCB and open the lock.
Replace LCD Now it is time to remove the old LCD and replace it by the new one. Again, be carefull not to damage anything. Don't forget to close the little connector lock.
Replace LCD It is possible to test your the phone before putting back all the screws. But that is up to you. This baby works just fine!

If you need to re-calibrate the touchscreen, there is a hidden menu in this phone.

Dial 3845#*620# to access it. Then Choose "Device test", "Touch test" and "Calibration".